Kiku Ohe is an Australian director based in Los Angeles. 
         Known for his ability to craft compelling visual narratives, elicit authentic character-driven performances, and create sophisticated VFX world builds, his immersive, emotionally charged work strikes a deep chord. His cinematic storytelling traverses a wide range of genres and themes.  
         Kiku has collaborated with some of the world’s premiere creative agencies, artists and brands including Louis Vuitton, Blizzard Entertainment, Carhartt, Qantas, Remy Martin, Johnnie Walker and Genesis.
         Recent work includes the first live-action trailer for the Diablo gaming franchise and a major brand film for Qantas, which reimagined the iconic "I Still Call Australia Home" campaign, featuring a diverse cast of contemporary Australians, including Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Troye Sivan, Rene Kulitja and Ash Barty.
         Kiku works internationally across a diverse slate of narrative and commercial film projects.